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Ambassador Program Guidelines & Application

About the Ambassador Program

The mission of Greater Grant County Ambassadors is to promote the role of Greater Grant County throughout the entire community by welcoming new members, encouraging current members to maximize their membership investment and to aid in consistent communication with new and existing members.  Ambassadors create a positive image for Greater Grant County by acting as liaisons between members and the Greater Grant County staff.

The Ambassadors includes 30+ active member volunteer leaders who donate 3-5 hours per month toward Greater Grant County activities. Ambassadors are required to attend 8 out of 11 unexcused monthly meetings and 70% of all other assigned activities. An ambassador’s term commitment is at least 2 years.

Ambassadors should be of excellent character, personality, and possess leadership abilities. They must be dedicated to the goals of GGC and willing to provide the time and effort necessary to achieve those goals. The goals of Greater Grant County are to be a catalyst for business growth, a convener of leaders, and a champion for the community.

Ambassador Membership: What to Know

Membership is based on application (see below). Greater Grant County board members, staff, and investors in good standing may make suggestions as to who might be considered. The Ambassador Team Captains and GGC staff will determine who will be accepted into the program based on current group needs. All applications will be held and considered for a 2-year period.

Ambassador applicants must be members in good standing with Greater Grant County, either as individuals or as representatives of an investor organization.

Ambassadors must participate in orientation before acting on behalf of Greater Grant County.

Ambassadors have the option at any time to resign from the Ambassadors program. Resignation should be in writing or emailed to their Ambassador’s Team Captain and GGC staff.

Only 2 individuals per organization may serve as an Ambassador at any given time, unless the Ambassador Team Captains makes a specific exception.

Ready to Apply?

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