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The Chamber connects its members with local, state and federal elected officials. From hosting the State of the City Address for the City of Marion to its Annual Legislative Dinner in downtown Indianapolis to the D.C. Fly In, the Chamber gives its members access to the lawmakers in office.

It is the Chamber's role to provide forums for members to discuss crucial issues facing the community.  The Chamber also actively advocates on behalf of the entire Chamber business community by creating annual legislative agendas which address issues that directly affect member businesses.

A group of Chamber members collectively monitor the different aspects of local, state and federal government and meet on a regular basis.  This group is the Chamber's Governmental Affairs Committee.  They advise the Chamber's Board of Directors on various issues which are important to the betterment of Grant County Chamber member businesses.

The Chamber is the "voice" for local businesses.  In some ways the Chamber speaks for our members.  In other ways the Chamber provides the platform for their voice to be heard.  And, sometimes the Chamber merely guides members to where they should project their voice.

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